Welcome, my patrons, to the Fist of Silver Tradehouse, where all your needs are attended to!

Rooms - 10 silver (per night!)
Meals - 2 silver
Ale (Tankard) - 2 silver
Posting on the Board - 5 silver
Private Job Request - 25 silver

The Fist of Silver is guaranteed safe for any and all business. Those threatening the establishment’s safety will be dealt with appropriately!

- Droeden Wiltast, Owner

If one knows where to look in Kratas, they can find The Fist of Silver Tradehouse. The small former boardinghouse stands out from others in its side alley only by a massive fist, coated in tarnished silver. Many local legends tell of individuals who attempted to steal the Tradehouse’s silvered icon, only to meet typically grisly ends at the hand of Droeden Wiltast, the establishment’s owner. Droeden is an enigmatic dwarf, who appeared in Kratas with little fanfare and no associates. Rumor holds that he is a powerful wizard, but none admit to having heard of him elsewhere.

The Fist provides two services to its customers. First, it provides food, drink, and rooms to patrons. These rooms are of middling quality (and overpriced for Merchants Row), but have excellent security for rooms in the City of Thieves and make up for their cost with the benefit provided by the Tradehouse’s other service. Those not looking for typical inn services may pay to post on The Fist’s job board, hoping to catch the eye of one of the residents. For a little more silver, they can instead secure a private room to discuss their job proposal with the tenants. As word of the Fist of Silver has spread, it has started to become one of the best places for Adepts and adventurers to find work in Barsaive.

The Fist of Silver Tradehouse is an Earthdawn 3rd Edition campaign, played online. We are currently recruiting players and determining scheduling and our platform.

The Fist of Silver Tradehouse